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We’re strategic risk takers. From fueling motorcycles with bacon grease to selling homes without ever saying the word ‘home’ to reaching tough hardworking men with a not-so-tough men’s fashion trend. These risks rise above the sea of sameness. They make people take notice and make a change.

Without risk-taking there is no reward-making.


Neil White

President, CEO

Brock Davis

Chief Creative Officer

Alison Siviter

SVP, Group Account Director

Kara Murphy

SVP, Director of Account Management

Leslie Crayne

VP, Director of Talent & Culture

Brian McHugh

SVP, Chief Financial Officer

Ryan Renneke

Finance Director

Casey Gilford

VP, Director of Strategy

Megan Schuller

VP, Director of Media

Jamie McKnight

Director of Project Management

Shannon Stanton

VP, Group Client Director

Angela J. Lund

Group Account Director

Amy Walstrom

Account Director

Peter McLarnan

Executive Producer

Keely Herron

Account Director

Taylor Snyder

Creative Director

Eric Hansen

Creative Director

David Holmdahl

Director of Flare

Ian McAllister

Design Director